The Autism Community Walk, Inc. is newly formed 501c3 nonprofit organization created to address the many unmet needs of people living with autism and related disorders and their families. Resources are always a pressing need. And our needs are growing: adult housing, research, employment, safety, pre-school services, special education budgets and standards, access to health care, civil rights, Medicaid-- all are mightily affected by decision makers, and our families need a strong voice and ongoing representation before New York legislators, the State Regents, and other powerful decision making bodies where our families are rarely heard. We want to assure that there is a strong and consistent voice for people with autism and related disorders and their families. And with your help we will.


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signing autism health insurance reform legislation with Autism Community Walk founder Michael Smith and Alexander Smith.

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Autism Community Walk is different. We share the revenue. SEPTAs, SEPTOs, schools, and other nonprofit organizations (501c3 and 501c4) that support and provide services to people with autism and related disorders please join us in our unique 50/50 fundraising joint effort.

Grand Marshall,
Assemblymember Harvey Weisenberg
Founder Harvey and Ellen Weisenberg Foundation

The Autism Community Walk is proud to have Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg as our Grand Marshall for 2017. Harvey served for 24 years in the New York State Assembly, where he became the leading voices for people with disabilities. Harvey and his late wife Ellen are the parents of Ricky Weisenberg who has a range of challenging disabilities. In the Assembly Harvey fought hard for the civil rights, safety, and well being of people with disabilities. He most notably sponsored Jonathan's Law that assured parents access to the records of their children, and a ban on the use of mercury in vaccines given to pregnant women and infants, among many, many other bills.

Even though Harvey retired from the Assembly in 2014, this spring, at the age of 83, Harvey was at the forefront of the effort to win long overdue raises for the direct care workers for the disabled.

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